Campus Mail

Campus Mail staff contacted staff in each building who accept campus mail, setting up a system of delivery according to each building’s situation.

  • If departments previously had morning delivery, they will be on a Monday/Thursday 8:00-11:00am delivery schedule.
  • If departments previously had afternoon delivery, they will be on a Tuesday/Friday 8:00am-11:00am delivery schedule.

After reviewing each building’s situation, Campus Mail staff assessed the impact that various conditions would have on routes, including building protocols (e.g., CVKey access, social distancing, possible queues, stairway up and down instructions, restricted entry and exits points, etc.), variances in building accessibility time-frames, student help availability and budget, delivery vehicle protocols (one person to a vehicle) and other considerations affecting campus mail delivery. Campus Mail will staff will continue to assess the situation to determine needs and possibly expand services as staff and conditions allow.

Campus Mail staff will be following all campus health and safety requirements and guidelines.

If you have addition questions, please visit