COVID-19 Test Results and Related Data

The Pandemic Medical Advisory Team has developed two new tools to aggregate and share COVID-19 data in a robust and meaningful way: a dashboard and a short-term forecast. Collectively, these two tools will be useful to the Pandemic Medical Advisory Team in its role as an advisory group to KU and county leaders, and to members of the university community as we engage in conversations about campus operations and strategies.


The dashboard includes metrics such as total positive cases, positivity rates and KU Housing quarantine and isolation data. This dashboard will be updated and published below every Tuesday and Friday.

September 11, 2020 reports:Aug. 1 to Sept. 10Last 7 days
September 15, 2020 reports:Aug. 1 to Sept. 13Last 7 days
September 18, 2020 reports:Aug. 1 to Sept. 16Last 7 days


The forecasting model provides short-term forecasts of key metrics such as new positive cases and hospitalizations. The forecast will be published once per week beginning the week of Sept. 14.