Personal Protective Equipment

Face Covering (Mask) Requirement

When present on campus, all faculty, staff, students, affiliates, visitors, vendors, and volunteers must wear a face covering, surgical/medical face mask, or Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) suit over one’s mouth and nose when in common areas (as defined below) anywhere on campus.

  • Face coverings/masks must have elastic, loops, ties, or other means to hold them in place.
  • Neck gaiters and face coverings/masks with vents are not permitted.
  • Except while in classrooms, face coverings/masks/PAPR suits may be removed for brief periods for the purpose of eating or drinking.

Please refer to the Public Health Safety Requirements - Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) policy for more information.

PPE Distribution for Employees

KU has provided employees with PPE and cleaning supplies required to stay safe. Before the 2020-21 academic year, KU Operations delivered boxes of standard-issue personal protective equipment (PPE) for departments to distribute to their employees who are working on campus. Using employment data from Human Resource Management, each box contained two masks and a personal bottle of hand sanitizer for each faculty, staff or student employee in each department.

Departments can order items that are not standard-issue (i.e., enhanced PPE and supplies) through the PPE requisition form. Due to limited availability, N95 respirators will only be provided for specific use cases

Departments can also use the PPE requisition form to request 3- ply “surgical” masks to provide to visitors.

PPE Distribution for Students

Students who live in campus housing received PPE as part of a wellness kit during check-in prior to the 2020-21 academic year. Off-campus students received their wellness kits (masks and sanitizer) when they were tested for COVID-19 prior to the fall 2020 semester.

A limited supply of cloth masks and 2 oz bottles of hand sanitizers are available at the Protect KU headquarters in room 444 of the Kansas Union. Limit 1 per person.

Available Personal Protective Equipment

KU has purchased large quantities of PPE departments who normally do not purchase PPE for traditional job duties.

These items include:

  • KU-issued cloth face mask (1 per person)
  • N95 respirators (requires justification)
  • Hand sanitizer (replacement for small bottles)
  • Alcohol sanitizing wipes
  • Plexiglass (or similar material) “sneeze guards”
  • Nitrile gloves

KU Operations is also placing additional standard-issue protective supplies in buildings for individuals and departments to use, including:

  • Bulk hand sanitizer stations for refilling personal bottles
  • Disinfectant stations with spray bottles and paper towels for cleaning surfaces
  • Sanitizing wipes in all classrooms/teaching areas
  • Hand sanitizer dispensing stations near entrances and other locations

How to Order

Request PPE through your supervisor or department administrative contact.

Use the PPE Requisition Form to order supplies. The PPE request is a web form (you do not have to log in to Maximo to access). Once submitted, a work order is created.

Once completed, you will be notified via an automated email form.


If your department does not typically purchase PPE, there is currently nocharge for securing PPE. If your department does normally purchase these PPE items, you will be charged for those items.