Preparation of Space

Facilities services and Custodial Services continue to work to ensure spaces remain as safe as possible during the pandemic. Below are primary measures that have been implemented.

Common Areas

Common areas were reconfigured to encourage appropriate physical distancing. Below are examples of how we addressed various spaces to prepare for the school year:

Entries & Corridors: Every hallway and corridor is equipped with hand sanitizer.

Bathrooms: Trash cans have been placed outside of restrooms in many cases so doors can be opened using paper towels, which can then be discarded.

Drinking Fountains: Water fountains have been turned off for the foreseeable future and will not be available for use. Water bottle filling stations will remain operational.

Doors: Door push plates and door handles are cleaned regularly.

Classroom Spaces

Classroom seating and furniture was reconfigured for appropriate physical distancing. Plexiglass barriers were added to provide additional protection to instructors.



Large tents have been erected on campus to provide additional study spaces between classes. The tents are equipped with access to electricity and Jayhawk WiFi.


Office Spaces

Office spaces and common areas within office suites have been reconfigured in collaboration with departments and units to provide appropriate physical distancing for both employees and visitors.