Pandemic Response and Planning

In the early stages of the pandemic, KU created the Public Health Planning Team with members from across campus to address concerns and needs surrounding the pandemic. In December 2020, KU reshaped the team structure to better reflect local, regional and national recommendations on crisis and incident response activities. The new Campus Unified Command structure eases the time commitment on our top-level team members and allows greater input from across campus, while also maintaining excellent awareness of changing conditions. The Campus Unified Command is led by KU’s Emergency Management Coordinator Andrew Foster.

Campus Unified Command Chart

Campus Unified Command

Executive Leadership Group

  • Campus Unified Command

    • Liaison Officer
    • Public Information Officer
    • Equity Advisor
    • Safety Officer
    • General Counsel
    • Academics & Research Section
    • Operations Section
    • Planning Section
    • Logistics Section
    • Finance/Administration Section
Breakdown of Sections:
  • Academics and Research
    • Faculty Development
    • Research
    • Registrar
    • International Affairs
    • Enrollment
    • Faculty Research Group
    • Teaching & Learning
    • Constituent Engagement (students, faculty and staff)
  • Operations Section
    • Student Housing
    • Student Affairs
    • Information Technology
    • Watkins Health Services
    • Testing Task Force
    • Call Center Branch
    • Campus Operations
    • Kansas Athletics, Inc.
    • KU Public Safety
  • Planning Section
    • Situation Unit
    • Intelligence & Investigation
    • Risk Management
    • Documentation Unit
    • Event Management
    • Evaluation Unit
  • Logistics Section
    • Supply Unit
    • Transportation Unit
  • Finance & Administration Section
    • Procurement
    • Human Resources Management
    • Internal Audit