Preparing for Fall 2021

Planning for the fall 2021 semester is already underway. We will continue to update this page as more information is finalized.

(updated 2/26/21)

The University of Kansas Lawrence and Edwards campuses are planning a return to – as much as possible – in-person instruction and service this fall. Instructors and scheduling officers are building course schedules to offer in-person instruction for most courses that had been in-person prior to the pandemic.

There are many factors that may affect this plan, such as vaccination roll-out and possible surges in infections, and we’ll continue to watch conditions and keep you informed should our teams advise caution. In our classrooms and workspaces, we’ve been largely successful in controlling the spread of COVID-19 through masking, attention to air flow in buildings and classrooms, physical distancing, and enhanced disinfection and cleaning measures. We have significant classroom scheduling capacity available to meet instructional needs in a safer manner. To help keep campus density low throughout the day we will use the full set of options – scheduling classes earlier and later in the day and using the full week more than we typically have in recent years.

Contingency Planning

Even with the vaccine rollout and other positive news, there are many unknowns that may complicate our efforts. Our Unified Command team, the Pandemic Medical Advisory Team and a number of other campus teams continue to monitor conditions and will make informed recommendations to KU leadership.

As we work to restore our institution, we will not lose sight of our goal to protect ourselves and others. While no one desires an abrupt shift to online courses as we did in March 2020, we know how to transition to online should we need to in order to better protect the health of our students, employees and the community. We also will look for lessons learned and will evaluate how our offices and staff have functioned over the past 10 months to identify ways we can best meet the needs of students and constituents, while also providing employees with the benefits of flexibility, adequate support and improved work/life integration.