COVID-19 information for new and returning students at the KU Lawrence and Edwards campuses.

Covid-19 Information

To further enhance the ‘in room’ filtration, air purifiers have been installed in classroom and shared spaces.  Filter units use hospital-grade filters to continually scrub and circulate the air.

Adapting common facilities

  • Most buildings have at least one entrance with a touch-free door opener.
  • Hand sanitizing stations available in hallways, typically located near elevators.
  • Most restrooms have touch-free flushing and faucets.
  • Drinking fountains remain unavailable, but most buildings have at least one water bottle filling station.
  • One-way restriction on stairs removed.
  • Common areas open.
  • Break rooms open and restrictions of food storage lifted.
  • Conference and meeting rooms open.


  • Alcohol wipes still available for cleaning desktops.
  • Rolling plexiglass barriers are available by request.
  • Classroom seating designed for an optimal teaching and learning environment based on the Higher Learning Commission recommendations.
  • Regular seating capacity in lecture halls.

Study Spaces

Outdoor tents with electricity and WiFi are available for study breaks.

Some students may be interested in online or hybrid courses. Students who need or want courses in online or hybrid formats should work with their advisor to find suitable courses that will help them stay on track in their programs.




International students are encouraged to partner with International Support Services (ISS) as they explore options or if they have questions or concerns. The staff’s expert knowledge can help protect immigration status and help students navigate issues related to on-campus and off-campus housing, completing the semester, how to depart campus in light of travel restrictions, and considerations for accessing online courses and maintaining contact with professors from abroad if they leave the United States.

Contact Student Housing at or 785-864-4560 if you have questions about residence facility guidance or requirements.

Testing at KU

Tests are available to all KU students, faculty, and staff at Watkins Health Services. To reduce risk of transmission, please contact Watkins Health Services before arriving for a test:

  • STUDENTS - call Watkins Health Services Nurse Helpline at 785-864-9583
  • FACULTY/STAFF - call the Faculty & Staff Clinic at 785-864-9565

Cost & Billing

  • Symptomatic COVID-19 tests will be billed to insurance, if applicable.

KU is offering the COVID-19 vaccine at Watkins Health Services. 

  • STUDENTS - Schedule an appointment online through the secure patient portal. Alternatively, you may call 785-864-9507 to schedule an appointment.